Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Well, I titled this post 'Diwali' because as usual, I coudln't come up with a better title for my post. In general, I don't have anything specific to write about, but I thought I would write because I haven't written for pretty llong and I'm getting a bit bored here. I'm staying at my maternal grandmother's house(mamarbari) and my mashi has come over from bombay. My dad is finally getting me an ipod(yaaaay!). I'm going to be staying here for a WHOLE WEEK. I got my books with me and stuff but this place is too much of a madhouse to actually be able to concentrate.
The food is just heavenly and in a single meal I'm eating about as much as I eat the whole day at home. Really. The evening I arrived we had fish fries from Silver Spoon and for dinner we had chilli chicken. Yesterday there was chingri maacher malaikari and today it's Kali Pujo so there's vegetarian food, but it's still really good. No wonder I was fat in class 9. I think I'm bloating up quite a lot already and when I return to school I might actually hear people telling me I've become fat(instead of being told that I look like I'm shrinking every week).
Also, I've discovered the wonders of tea, not being able to drink coffee here. Ginger tea is really good. Basically I'm being stuffed with food all day. :-)

The other day I went to Maddyz house and Deep came over too. I played the guitar a bit and we talked a lot and Deep fixed(or did something to) Maddyz computer. We were planning to go have momos but Deep said he was 'stuffed'.
(Note: Last time Deep was 'full' he finished one plate of chow, half a plate of lemon garlic chicken and 3/4ths plate of baby corn, which was more than what me and Madhura were able to eat combined. :-). But this time he was 'stuffed', so he couldn't eat.(But I guess if we'd actually bothered to get out of the house and go to the momo place we would've gotten an insight into his definition of 'stuffed' too).

Anyway, I cant think of anything more to write. I will go shopping tomorrow. :)

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